Letting trades into your home

Always check the ID card

Letting trades into your home

We recently received a call from a member of the public that was asking for their Gas Notification Paperwork for a boiler which we installed, a pretty normal question until we realised that we actually hadn’t fitted a boiler at the property and had no log of the client information. With alarm bells ringing that this could be an impersonator, we started an investigation and wanted to let people know what they should be doing to stay safe in their own homes.

All of our engineers carry photographic identification, wear a standardised uniform and have specifically signwritten vans.

Whenever you have a trades person turn up on your doorstep, there are a few things that you should do to stay safe.

  • Are you expecting that trades person?
  • Has the trades person introduced themself in the way in which you’d expect?
  • Ask to see their ID card, check the photo.
  • Is the trades person wearing branded uniform?
  • Can you see their vehicle?
  • Are they carrying tools?
  • Do they know your name?

If you are at all unsure, close the door.

A genuine trades person, working for a genuine company undertaking a genuine tasked piece of work will never have any issues with you checking them out, they won’t mind if you phone their company or enforcement body (Like the Gas Safe Register) to confirm their identification.
In the event that you are still not satisfied, you should contact the police on 101 (Or 999 if the person is attempting to force their way in).

Of course, there are times when engineers and trades people turn up un-announced, especially when you are a tenant and landlords have forgot to pass the message on that we’ll be attending, you have the right to refuse entry and get that person to make another appointment.

Stay safe out there.