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Landlord Duties

The Gas Safety, Installation and Use Regulations (GSIUR) are part of the Gas Act which is currently active within the UK and covers the legal requirements of landlords and property owners. This article has been written exclusively for residential landlords and their tenants and aims to explain the basic legal duties of both parties when […]

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Mobile Catering Trailers

N4 Gas is one of the few companies in London that offer testing, certification and modifications to mobile catering units that utilize bottled gas as a cooking or hygiene fuel. When you log a call for one of our Gas Safe Registered mobile catering engineers; you’ll be in good hands. Especially when you consider that […]

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Topping Up Your Boiler

Note: Not all boilers require “topping up”. If in doubt, ask us. When to top up… Pressure gauge reading zero bar Boiler displaying a low pressure fault code, or possibly overheating Everytime you bleed radiators When you bleed upstairs radiators and no water or air comes out Rushing water noises in your system Everytime a […]

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