Worcester Bosch Fault Codes

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Worcester Bosch Fault Codes

With Worcester Bosch boilers making up a large percentage of calls that we receive for both breakdowns and servicing, we thought it would be a good idea to share some handy tit-bits by publishing the most common fault codes that are encountered on some of the more modern Worcester Bosch heating boilers.

A1 = Pump run dry
A5 = Heat bank sensor defective
A6 = Underfloor heating temperature detection faulty
A7 = Water NTC defective
A8 = BUS failure to programmer
B1 = Code plug not detected
C6 = Fan speed too low
CC = Outside temperature sensor defective
D5 = Condense pump defective
D6 = Tank overheat
E2 = Flow NTC defective
E9 = Safety temperature circuit active
EA = Flame not detected
F0 = Internal fault
F7 = Flame detected after appliance shut down
FA = Flame detected after appliance shut down
Fd = Reset button pressed by accident

Should your Worcester boiler develop a fault and you live in London or it’s surrounding areas you should give us a call on 0208 348 4729 to see if we can help. Our qualified Gas Safe Registered engineers carry some common Worcester parts on their vans and will aim to get you running again that very same visit.

Of course, from the above fault list, there are a few things that you should check yourself before calling in the cavalry:

  • Make sure that your boiler’s system pressure is between 1 and 1.5Bar, top your system up with the filling loop as required.
  • Is your gas on? Is any work being carried out in the street and if you have a pay as you go gas meter, do you have enough credit?
  • Are all your controls tuned on? Is your room thermostat turned “up” and is your clock set to “on”?

Due to the complexity of the Worcester Bosch fault coding principle, we are unable to provide fault diagnosis over the phone for certain issues. We strongly advise that you always utilise a Gas Safe Registered engineer whenever in doubt.

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